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Timeshare Financial Recovery is a telemarketing company that calls timeshare owners and tells them if they paid a company to sell their timeshare and got scammed, they can get their money refunded.WRONG!!

Timeshare Financial Recovery is made up of former timeshare resale scammers in a timeshare resale scam office in Hollywood, Florida. They say for a 20% upfront fee and a 20% share later, they will maybe get some money back. WRONG! They will keep the upfront fee, period.

Go into their office and see. NASTY. You must send them a check, too!

No credit card capabilities.Buyer Beware!

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #584103

We will Cancel Your Timeshare Guaranteed with a Proven Timeshare Cancellation Plan!Timeshare Advocacy International, LLC is a consumer rights group that focuses solely on canceling timeshare contracts within the timeshare industry because of blatant fraud, misrepresentation, and lies that often pressure consumers into unnecessarily purchasing an expensive timeshare contract.

It does not matter where you purchased, what you own, or how long ago you purchased your timeshare. We can help everyone by providing a free initial consultation of your specific situation. Our customer service reps have decades of timeshare industry experience and understand exactly what you are going through. Call us to find out just what sets us apart from the competition.

Before you potentially spend thousands to a resale company, or a company that claims they can take your deed from you, talk to one of our professionals. TAI helps victims of timeshare fraud and misrepresentation to legally cancel their timeshare contract. We are timeshare advocates who stand beside and fight for our clients throughout the entire timeshare cancellation process. It is not often an easy task to cancel your timeshare contract, but now it is not something that people like you have to go through alone anymore.

We will guide you and represent you through the entire timeshare cancellation process until your contract is cancelled and you are provided with permanent timeshare relief.

If you...

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I worked for Dana Gayoso,this evil, thieving woman and Yes, we scammed everyone out of their fees.I was the top salesman and I quit because Dana Gayoso cheated ME out of money!!


There is NO recovering of money, just profit for her and her husband.

Their office is trash dump and the sales people that are left look like a bunch of guys from skid row.She should be put in jail.


There has been a refund resale scam law passed bypamela boundy just in the state of florida that states a company can not charge a fee for there service till seven days after recovering any money because of all the scams that go on by this compant tsf which has already shut down once because of the.Number of compalints against it and reopened with the name changed and a new adress!

HMMMMM intersting if it is suppose to be legit. Then whyy is it breaking the law in florida where it is absolutely against the law to ask for an up front fee! And the employess are definately old employees of the fraudulent timeshare resale company's.

How do you justify breaking the law period.This company ripped off a few different people I have talked to personaly.


I worked for Dana Gayoso at TSF Recovery until it became undeniably clear that she was a thief and a liar. Look at the only favorable posts here, they are ALL from Fort Lauderdale--when that company calls all over the country--EXCEPT Fort Lauderdale where they would be sitting ducks for a raid on her office! I would like to think the dummies at the Dept of Agriculture will not re-new her telemarketing license to steal


I have personally worked with this company and continue to work with them.They are ethical and fight for the rights of the client.

They work hard. The claims of the negative comments are unfounded.

Freedom of speech and opinion can not be stricken from the internet, but it is clear that the negative comments are not from a client, but from a person who has a personal and immaturity Issue with the company and the owner.In my opinion.


Come on Dana Gayoso, you are such an ***. The only postings here that do not expose your BS company are all sent from Ft. Lauderdale--where you nest of snakes reside.


Waiting for answer


Hmmm, I see you have avoided answering all the questions. And for the record, I was never associated with a scam timeshare operation, but even if I was, What does that have to do with the illegal actions of your company. What you are doing clearly violates federal law, whether you are aware of that or not.

I also find it quite concerning about your denial of being arrested. The evidence of your felony arrest is a matter of public record. Your mugshot does not lie.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, to charge upfront fees for your service is illegal. As a matter of fact, just requesting the money upfront is considered to be illegal according to the Federal Telemarketing Statutes. DanielG even admits to being charged an upfront fee. I really do not understand why the concept of "illegal" is so hard for DanaG to grasp, but then again, she has shown that she is quite adept at perpetrating frauds.


I really don't want to continue to feed into this, but I MUST clarify that I am not a convicted felon! I have NEVER been convicted of anything!! All of this nonsense really needs to stop!! We are a reputable, legitimate business and we get the work done! We didn't just open our doors a few months ago; we have been in business since April of 2010.

After reading a lot of these comments I can definitely say they are not being posted by any past or current clients! These posts are not valid and are nothing but libel statements!!!

Anyone that really reads these remarks should know these are being made by crooked ex timeshare scammers, which we are NOT!!!

It’s sad to say that someone would stoop this low trying to discredit our business. Honestly, everyone that brings you to this site to show you the facts, are they asking you for money? They want to charge you, lie to you, promise to recover your lost money and then defraud you! Honestly think about it, these comments really have nothing to do with the services we want to provide to you? All of the libel comments are directed against me!! Which again are NOT TRUE, I AM NOT A CONVICTED FELON!!

When the post was 1st made last year everyone can clearly see it wasn't valid!

But again we are not dealing with a regulatory agency; we are dealing with Rip off report that never removes anything that's posted on its site... Even if it’s completely false!!!

Now, what I am going to...

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To all that write good or wrong here are my words: This company did a great job in recovering scammed fees for me.I did pay them 20% upfront, my banks contacted me several weeks later on behalf of documentation they received from Timeshare Financial Recovery, I corraborated all facts, and I was permanently credited back almost all my money, little over $ 14.800.

Forget the two other charges they could not recover for me as they were too old to pursue. Great job Timeshare Fiancial.

And thank you again !!!!!!Daniel.

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