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I worked for this sleazy outfit and Dana Gayoso is a liar, a thief and an adultress.She and her band of scam artists have been taking money from timeshare owners for two years now promising to get refunds that never come.

I was paid high commissions to rob people and Dana Gayoso kept the rest of the upfront fees collected. Her office is a disgrace, there are no accurate records kept, no real taxes being paid, no refunds--EVER, convicted felons working there. Dana Gayoso herself was arrested for grand theft!! The Attorney General and the Dept of Agriculture are saps for not clamping down on her by now.

In Florida you can get a renwable license to steal.Stop by here office and see for yourself.

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look below to see these statements were not posted by a consumer!!!

Beware Ripoff/Scam Fee Recovery Liars

Consumer Collection Advocates Complaint by Lynchmob

Updates to the review posted by author:

Lychmob also refers to Myron banks, and any other name below saying derogatory statements about CCA,were written by myself in a friendship "lovers quarrel" if you will. The comments about Michael Ettus and all sub complaints are in fact false statements. Michael and I have known each other for many years. I recently visited the headquarters of Michael's current business, Consumer Collection Advocates Corp. and they are running a very successful and extremely honest business helping those who were scammed retrieve their monies in ways I was not aware of. Mikey is actually a good guy. We ran into a few bumps in past years, but I have now cleaned up my life, and we have made amends. I am very sorry to Michael, his staff and those potential customers who may have checked these posts and were deferred from doing business with CCA. While visiting the office, I was able to review examples from the collections department. These guys REALLY do get money back from fraudulent transactions made by fraudulent scams. I highly recommend using their firm to help you. Try them, you will not be disappointed.


Please do not put any credence to any of these libel statements as they are false.This individual is upset that we refused to hire him, and has been posting this nonsense ever since!

We follow strict compliance policies within our company. I urge any consumer reading this to do your own independent research prior to putting any stock into these claims as they are egregious, slanderous and libelous in nature. We have every intention of pursuing this legally. These defamatory comments made as an attempt to berate our company and cause negative internet exposure without just cause is being investigated.

We are fully licensed with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and we also hold a license with the Department of Financial Services. We perform EVERY service that is offered to our clients.

Lynch Mob we know who you are and you are hereby ordered to cease and desist to prevent any further legal action to take place against you.To any consumer that wishes to speak with me, please do not hesitate to call the office.

to Dana ***oso #1389534

I am doing the research you said I should do and I want to know in what way you "pursued" these so call wrongful statements.



This is nothing but libel statements, again made by timeshare resale scammers, trying to give me a bad reputation!We've been open since April 2010.

Why would we still be established if we were defrauding consumers!

Please just move on with your lives and leave me alone!Our attorney will be filing charges against both of you and whoever is hosting this IP address...

to Dana ***oso #1389536

Again this is posted in 2012. Can you post the suits you filed so I can check the truthfulness of these statements.


I concur wholeheartedly with the fact that TSF Recovery and Dana Gayoso are dirtbags of the highest order. I know because I was the office manager there until she fired me for having too many scruples. The company is a scam and they are thieves.

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